Pets Love Vets: Free Pet Adoptions to Veterans

Studies of human blood chemistry show a significant reduction in stress-related hormones when people interact with animals. These positive physiological effects can occur in as little as 5 to 24 minutes, which is faster than medication for stress. Pets Love Vets is a project designed to increase the quality of life for all U.S. Military Veterans, including those who may be struggling with PTSD and/or other service-related illness or injury. Pets Love Vets is a program offered by Lake Oconee Humane Society in partnership with the Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties which allows veterans to adopt an animal for free.

Veterans can only take advantage of the program if they know it exists.

The Rotary Club is always looking for help in raising awareness of the program within the military Veteran community. The Pets Love Vets program seeks to have a profound impact on central Georgia’s Veteran community.

Pets Love Vets helps once-troubled Veterans achieve a measure of peace and tranquility in their lives; the unconditional love and acceptance that a companion pet offers have instantaneous benefits for the Veteran, and the Rotary Club is thrilled to partner in such an important project.

For more information, call 706-454-1508.

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