Spay & Neuter Programs

Programs to spay/neuter animals at little to no cost

Looking to make a difference?

Donating just $25 can help pets like me go from the shelter to spoiled rotten!

LOHS is able to offer a low-cost spay/neuter program for our community. ​

The cost for a spay/neuter is $30 for an owned cat and $50-60 for a dog (depending on size). Feral or unowned (community) cats will be spayed/neutered at no charge.

The surgeries are performed weekly at the Athens Area Humane Society at 1030 Mitchell Bridge Road, Athens GA 30606.  A rabies vaccination is required by law for all dogs and cats and can be provided at the time of surgery for $20.

If the owner does not want a rabies vaccination, they will need to provide a certificate of vaccination from their veterinarian (we cannot accept a rabies tag as proof of vaccination).  We are not able to offer vaccinations or services independent of the spay/neuter surgery.

Feral cats will have their ear tipped at surgery, so the cat can be identified as being spayed/neutered, and rabies vaccinations are free for feral cats.

Our spay and neuter programs are made possible with the support of our donors and:​

The Georgia Pet Foundation Program

This spay/neuter program is offered through a grant provided by Georgia Pet Foundation. Residents who request Georgia license plates with the Georgia Pet Foundation logo help make programs like this possible. 

The Fix Georgia Pets Program

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