Lost Pets

Is your pet missing? Here's what to do...

Looking to make a difference?

Donating just $25 can help pets like me go from the shelter to spoiled rotten!

Lake Oconee Humane Society wants owners of lost dogs and cats reunited with their furry friends!  This page has resources to help owners during this stressful time.

Steps to Take:

Step 1 – Have you chipped your pet?

If so, gather information about your pet’s identification and the provider of the chip. Go to their website and check for your animal.

Step 2 – Contact local and neighboring animal control.

The following animal control organizations provide services in our area:

Greensboro Animal Control: (706)453-7555
Green County Animal Control: (706) 454-7039
Union Point Animal Control: (706)486-4102
Putnam County Animal Control: (706) 485-3970
Baldwin County Animal Control: (478) 445-5514
Morgan County Animal Control: (706) 342-1251

Step 3 – Contact Lake Oconee Humane Society

Step 4 – Use Petco Love Lost tool to search for your animal.

Step 5 – Go where your pet was last seen.

Go to neighborhoods where your pet was last seen, knock on doors and place posters with pictures of your animal in high traffic areas.

Step 6 – Take posters to local vets, animal control, animal shelters.

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