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All about Freckles

Freckles is a 4 years, 8 months old male Beagle and has been with us for 73 days.

Introducing the one-of-a-kind, slightly bashful, but utterly charming Freckles!
At the sprightly age of five, Freckles is a beagle who's just beginning to discover the wonders of a loving home. He's a bit undersocialized, which means he's like that shy kid in class who turns out to be the funniest once you get to know him. Give him a little time, and he'll unveil a personality so bright, it'll outshine the sun!
Freckles has a quirky habit that's sure to make you smile-he's a toy hoarder! But not just any hoarder; he's the curator of the most epic toy pile you've ever seen. He's all about that play life, tossing and turning with his beloved toys, each one carefully chosen for its ‘squeakability' and bounce.
Having lived in foster homes with other dogs, Freckles truly comes alive in the company of his furry friends. They bring out the best in him, and he thrives in their presence like a flower in full bloom.
Now, let's talk about his ideal forever home. Freckles is looking for patient humans who understand that good things take time. He needs a family that will give him the space to blossom at his own pace, in a home where sudden noises are kept to a minimum-because let's face it, loud sounds are scary! A fenced yard is a must for this adventurous soul, as he's been known to take the term ‘free spirit' a little too literally when he gets spooked.
So, if you're ready to embark on a journey filled with gentle encouragement, endless play, and the sweet victory of earning Freckles' trust, then look no further. He's ready to start this new chapter with you, one paw at a time.
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Additional Information

Has lived with animals: Yes

Types of animals lived with: Dogs

Has lived with children: No

Location: Foster / Foster Home

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