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Tanner is a 8 years, 2 months old male Medium Mixed Breed who weighs 35 pounds and has been with us for 65 days.

Hi there! My name is Tanner, I'm an older dude & I have met so many people & I love them! I am told the best way to describe me is I am the dog from the movie Up! Oh boy, oh boy you won't ever meet another paw like me! I have stolen everyone's heart here at ORHS. I am always happy, will do my dance & make anyone smile with the smile I have. You won't be able to pick better than me. I do so want to find my forever person, so come meet me as soon as you can! I promise to give you my best, and I know you'll give me yours. Happiness is us together, what are you waiting for?! Fill out an application & schedule that time to come meet me!
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Additional Information

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Location: Foster / Foster Home

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