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All about Elmo

Elmo is a 10 months old male Domestic Shorthair cat and has been with us for 287 days.

Elmo is a handsome black and white Tuxedo boy with a cute smudge of white on the right side of his nose. In fact, it's hard to tell him apart from his brother Checkers, who looks just like him but has a smudge of white on the left side of his nose. Elmo has a green collar on so the volunteers can easily tell them apart.

He's a young, fun-loving goofy kitten you'll want to meet. He likes to wrestle and rough-house with his siblings. He's always on the lookout for things that could be fun. He's also sweet, easy-going and loveable. He loves getting attention, being petted and playing with cat wands and balls.

Come meet this sweety. We just know you'll fall in love and want to take him home with you...maybe even with one of his 7 siblings!

Note that many cats do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the cat's current weight.

Photos (click for full-size)
Elmo 1
Elmo 2
Elmo 3
Additional Information

Has lived with animals: No

Has lived with children: No

Location: Cat Program / Adoption Center

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